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Bisons on the wild!

23 November 2008

For the first time in 28 years , at West Poland , new herds of wild living bison are being created . In 1980 professor Ryszard Graczyk brought 8 bison to the forest of Walcz – they formed the beginning of a herd numbering 42 at present . ZTP signed an agreement with EF regarding financing the project : “THE PROTECTION OF POLISH BISONS : THE DEVELOP AND PROTECTION OF ZACHODNIPOMORSKIE HERD” the project is also financially supported by PKO SA Bank . The time of 18 months to prepare all necessary details ( such as enclosures location ) has been spent , before the agreement was made . On signing the agreement we began work . Our first and most important task was to create two wild living herds of bison in the area of Insko Lakes.

Two enclosures 4 hectares each were built in Dobrzany forest and Lobez forest . First 12 females from Bialowieza National Park ( East of Poland) were brought on 21st of March 2008 . The 2 bulls from Kobior forest and other 2 from Niepolomice forest came on 10th April .The bison spend 3 months in enclosures – time for quarantine , acclimatizing and to built the hierarchy within the herds . The two oldest cows and adult bull from each herd were collared with telemetric transmitter – from Vetronic-Aerospace – sending information – such as : location of animal every hour , the activity of bison and its temperature measured every 5 minutes etc. and all the dates are sent with packages every 7 hours . So we can monitor each herd.

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15Th – 16Th of September in Cisna ( Bieszczady ) the 6Th international conference  ”Bison in Nature 2000″ took place. Many important  reports were presented. We presented our one where all necessary infos from our project were given.

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first of all.

Latest news

19 November 2008

People who went to the forest to pick up the mushrooms witnessed the birth of baby bison. We have never had the information about bison birth so late in the year. Last year calf was born in September and now is doing really well. On 17th of October 2008 the Committee of Wojewodzka Rada Ochrony Przyrody w Szczecinie (The Board of County Nature Protection in Szczecin) took place. We presented our achievements under the project of THE DEVELOP & THE PROTECTION OF ZACHODNIPOMORSKIE HERD. The board approved progresses we made. The auction for the food supply is finilised. Firts part will be delivered next week.

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Two new troughs ready!

12 November 2008

There were 4  troughs  to be built according to the project : “THE PROTECTION OF POLISH BISONS : THE DEVELOP  AND PROTECTION OF ZACHODNIPOMORSKIE HERD”. Two of them were built inside the enclosures where bison spent over three months acclimatizing to their new environment . The troughs are not visited often after bison are released . They link it to place of captivity and troughs are empty . We have built two others in the most frequented places – they are not attracted either – This will change in autumn when we fill them with hay , beetroot and oats.

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After bison were set free the fences were removed.

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