Still Feeding

14 November 2009

It is feeding season now, so we are very busy doing that with our 3 herds – from Mirosławiec, Drawsko, Dobrzany. Bison are very happy to eat beetroot and oat. Hay is not taken so likely. We will keep feeding till middle of April.

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The herd gets bigger

8 November 2009

A four-year old cow with newly-born female calf returned to the herd on 7 July. Kamica is still absent.

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Bison after winter

7 November 2009

0103All the bison from our herds went through the winter and are now in a very good condition. Thanks to good feeding they spent less time in the open areas where they could have done more damage to farmers’ plantations. Thanks to data from their collars we know the places the animals most like to visit. This allows us to build the new troughs for next winter.

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Bison in summer areas

3 November 2009

0903The Dobrzany bison herd is back to its summer area.  They went 4 km east and are now not far from the accommodation enclosure in Kozia Gora Forest.

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Bison dies in car accident

25 November 2008

bykbezrogiOn the night of 22nd of August near Piecnik (at Miroslawiec district) one of our bisondied instantly being hit by a lorry. Bison frequently cross the road at this place .There are warning signs and speed limit ( 70 km/h ) to inform drivers the animals . Sadly some ignore the warnings . The lorry driver was unhurt in the accident. The unlucky bison was being watched often and regularly pictured -he had been easy to recognize as he had one of his horns broken off.

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During the conference in Cisna our colleagues from Ukraine Ivan Parnikoza, Vladimir Borej and Vladimir Sesin presented speech about dramatic fall of bison population in Ukraine. From 1992 the population of 685 fall to 210 in 2007. Some of the free herds were totally exterminated. Please find below e-mail addresses of Ukrainian government as well as the the letter which you can sign and send to them. Ministry of natural protection of Ukraine Foreign Ministry of Ukraine State Committee of Forestry European bison in Ukraine appeal (English)

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