May calves

31 May 2010

In the last ten days of May, two baby bison were born: The cow named Karwia left the herd around 20 May. She gave birth to a cow, in a secluded place known only to herself, and returned to the herd on 28 May. The second female, Kamica, left the herd to give birth on 26 May, and went to same site which she used the previous year, when she birthed a baby bull. This year, she produced a lovely daughter. It can be assumed that, as in the previous year, she will rejoin her herd in two to three weeks time. Below, the photos show both bison mothers – on the left, Karwia; on the right, Kamica.

Wire snare on bison's leg

29 November 2009

On the 26th of Febuary we mentioned that one of the bison was limping. After the snow melted we had no further reports of it. But again during heavy snowing in March we were able to trace the bison. We found out that one of the female bison had a loop of wire wrapped around her front leg – it was a snare that had been set by poachers! This had caused a deep wound which had become hard and the whole leg was swollen. The bison itself was suffering and was in a really poor condition. We were able to unwrap the wire and did all we could to help the wound to heal. Than we set the bison’s collar so it would be easier for us to find her if she needed more help. After the surgery the bison is back in the area where he spent the last 5 months and we are continuing to feed her.

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From October 2008 the herd of Dobrzany was observed with number of seven not eight. We had had unconfirmed reports one of bison died. Fortunately big snow cover allowed us trace “lost” bison and find it alive! What a nice surprise. Four years old female had to live the herd as a result of broken or over stretched leg. She still has problems to follow the herd. She is under our observation and will be cured if it necessary.

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Last days of February we collared last 9Th bison in this season. The images below show 2 cows being collared.

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Additional calves

24 November 2009

In the Drawsko herd, other cows have departed, in order to give birth. Two cows are absent: Kamica, an elderly female bison, who had previously given birth to calves in Białowieża; and a four-year old, who is likely to give birth to her first calf. There were three confirmed births in Mirosławiec forest. The herd is occupying difficult terrain, so there may be others.

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On Sunday 19th of April near the number 10 country road not far from Piecnik our herd took the attention of people traveling by car. We can see below people smiling as they watched and took pictures of the bison.

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