The Bison – Acrobat

19 November 2015

Bison love to rub. Any objects with rough surface can serve as “bison brushes”. The free ranging bison also use rugged structures, like tree trunks. Rubbing against objects helps bison to shed the winter fur and get rid of ticks. To rub the whole body sometimes requires impressing gimnastic skills. WATCH A BISON RUBBING

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The Opening Conference for LIFE Project “Diversification and development of European Bison population in north-western Poland” (LIFE13NAT/PL/000010) took place on 17 July 2015 at the Bison Centre in Jabłonowo. The conference started at 9 am. The program included four lectures and visiting the Wild Farm, intersected by coffee breaks. The first speaker, Magdalena Tracz, gave a lecture entitled “Diversification and development of European Bison population in north-western Poland”. The next speech “Conservation of European Bison in north-eastern Poland” was given by prof. Wanda Olech. The third speaker, Maciej Tracz, talked about “Practical aspects of Bison conservation”. Finally, prof. Rafał Kowalczyk gave a lecture entitled “A new approach to management of European Bison populations”. After the lecture session, all the participants were invited to dinner and for a field trip involving observation of wild-living bison in the Mirosławiec forestry district. Meanwhile, the project council had the opening meeting to plan the working schedule.

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The moving story of Bysia

17 November 2015

The mother of Bysia called “Single-horn” was already an aged cow with enormous experience when she gave birth to the title-cow.  In late autumn when Bysia was already quite big half-year cow, Single-horn started being ill. The calf stayed close to her all the time. Unfortunately, Single-horn died in January. Bewildered Bysia had been returning to the dead mother for several days until she started going away in search for other bisons. At that time a local herd was already in a place of winter feeding, which was not known by Bysia. Destiny of orphaned calves is insecure and on areas with wolf occurence a lone calf is an easy prey. She was saved by Western wind , which brought smell of a small group of bulls feeding on fields at Długie Lake. It turned out that there was her father called The First in the encountered group. Bysia luckily found company and protection. Today, her security is provided by three wonderful bulls, see it for yourself. :)

We very much thank  Cezary Korkosz for making these pictures available

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according to EIA data.

Lucky Chap is a wolf that we released from a snare. We gave to him this charming name and installed telemetry collar in order to monitor his further movements. Lucky Chap has started sending data to us since the beginning, so we now know that he quickly got back to his pack and stayed in previous home range area within Drawsko Forest Inspectorate. At the beginning of April the wolf surprised us, because he left his pack and set off for individual trip. The loner is probably looking for a new territory and alpha female that he could make a new pack with. Last data show that Lucky Chap is moving towards East. We appeal for looking out for a wolf with a collar and sending information about him to us. We also hope that the wolf would not fall victim to human actions again. From our side we promise to keep informing You about his movements and meanwhile we have made a new map depicting his journey through data from his telemetry collar available :) Wędrówka Szczęściarza szczesciarz

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Bison spring

12 November 2015

The earth has greened again. The sun awakens flora and fauna to life with its touch. After long winter months bisons impaqtiently awaiting for first ray of the spring sun. For them this is basically a time for intense feeding up after the winter. Herds are going away from feeders and wandering around looking for fresh grasses. Last year’s calves are going through compensation of growth now. The abundance of high protein sources of food makes calves grow fast and get similar to mature individuals. Spring is also the time of losing winter undercoat. Sheding hair happens gradually. It starts near neck and spreads all over their body. Bulls in this time stays away herds intensely gaining weight by devouring vast amounts of grass. Younger bulls stay in small bachelor groups while older ones prefer to live singly. They would get back to the main herd aroud late summer when there starts mating season. April and may is the time of first deliveries, so we can start looking out for toddlers hiding between legs of their protective mothers.

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We joyfully announce that building of the footbridge and observation tower in the “Securing the population of European bison in the north and western Poland from tourist pressure” is coming to an end and soon its final effect will be available for You to see. You are welcome! _MG_4000 — kopia  _MG_4003 — kopia  _MG_4001 — kopia

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“God saw our heart and saved us” he said Churches have been increasingly targeted by violence on holy days in Nigeria a nation of more than 160 million people of Christians and Muslims A Christmas Day suicide bombing of a Catholic church in Madalla near Nigeria’s capital killed at least 44 people Police and soldiers quickly cordoned off the blast site though citizens looked on at the flames and damage Boko Haram whose name means “Western education is sacrilege” in the Hausa language of Nigeria’s north is waging an increasingly bloody fight with security agencies and the public More than cheap china jerseys 380 people have been killed in violence cheap jerseys blamed on the sect this year alone according to an Associated Press count The sect employing suicide bombers and assault rifle shootouts has attacked cheap jordans both Christians and Muslims as well as the United Nations’ headquarters in Nigeria The sect has rejected efforts to begin indirect peace talks with Nigeria’s government Its demands include the introduction and deterrence Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission last month changed the rules (to the dismay of many cab companies) to allow app dispatched car services. and eventually in Buzzard helicopters.and the Inouye They will have many activities that will fulfill the Try It requirements he replied. Nicola Bocour, Govt. of damage (Gravel Insurance Upon returning the car a week later the local agent took all of 20 seconds to go out to the car and “find” this minor blemish and declare that my rental fee would essentially double because of this wind chills hit 56 degrees below zero in some places. 2 over to Montoya.Meyer said he is not arguing whether the state has the legal right to deny vanity tags Some manuals don’t mention that. Click through to discover 20 nifty tricks that can help you pay less at Costco.
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