(PL) Pyra przesiedlony

28 November 2015

After last events a bison called Pyra had to imediately leave the previous place of stay. On 27.04.2015 according to the decision of Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Szczecin there were carried out immobilisation and transportation of the animal to another place – enclosure of Benek Association in Szewce near Poznań. In spite of difficult land conditions action was a success. Pyra, although in advanced age, went through immobilisation quite well. We hope that he would be satisfied in his new home and live long until the calm old age.

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W zeszłą sobotę – 25.04.2015 odbyły się pierwsze warsztaty dla lokalnej społeczności na temat społecznej akceptacji żubrów i minimalizacja szkód wyrządzonych przez żubry w ramach projektu ” Dywersyfikacja i rozwój populacji żubrów w północno-zachodniej Polsce”. Zajęcia cieszyły się sporym zainteresowaniem, zarówno starszych jak i młodszych uczestników. Wykład dotyczył historii rozwoju populacji żubrów zachodniopomorskich oraz działalności Zachodniopomorskiego Towarzystwa Przyrodniczego. Uczestnicy mieli okazję poznać nasze żubrowe działania w obrębie województwa Zachodniopomorskiego. Ponadto, naszych gości czekał poczęstunek, a po zakończonym wykładzie wspólnie zwiedzaliśmy zagrodę. Atrakcją dla gości była możliwość nakarmienia żubra z “ręki” i dokładnego obejrzenia “króla lasu” z niewielkiej, acz bezpiecznej odległości.

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A rescued wolf

27 November 2015

On last Sunday we got anonymous information about a wolf trapped in a snare. Sadly, animals are still exposed to threat from poachers. Thanks to sensibility of an informer we found the wolf and released from a loop which was tightened around its underbelly. After cutting a line we installed telemetry collar on it so as to monitor our young wolf. According to our rule of giving a name to released animals we are waiting for your proposals :D

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Such stories are daily bread to us and again we managed to be in the righ tplace in the right time. The second time we saved wolf caught in a snare. The information about the wolf we received on sunday morning from hunters associated in Lynx Dobiegniew Hunting Club. The hunters during searching hunting area encountered the trapped wolf near Chrapow spot. After the arriving at the place it turned out that that was big, about 8 years old, experienced wolf, probably the alpha male, that is a leader of a pack. The wolf was caught in steel loop tightened around its pelvis and slightly immersed in skin.  The animal was very weakened and that meant that it had been there for about four days. Luckily, the wolf did not have bleeding wounds, so we decided to intervene as little as possible and immediately relase him. We installed telemetery collar on him to monitor his trails. On the area of this incident there is a weak GSM signal, so we may wait for first telemetry data received for a week or two. Anyway, any data received would mean that the wolf is alive and this is the most important information to us now. We would like to send thousand thanks to hunters who passed the information about the wolf to us. Thanks to them we carried out successful operation and the wolf is probably alive. At their request the wolf has been given the name “Rysiu”, taken from the name of the hunting club. Therefore, keep our fingers crossed for the wolf called “Rysiu”. If you know about similar situations, please inform us. The fate of wild animals is in our hands. Let’s protect them from cruelty of poachers. wilk

The wolf after installing telemetry collar and releasing from a snare.

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Spring in Wild Farm

22 November 2015

Although it is already late May, we cannot avoid the impression, that our bisons are still experiencing the spring “euphoria”. Today, they received a suprise in the form of birch branches put in a feeder and on the run. Knocking over, throwing, chewing and frolicking: folly mood could not end for a long time. Unfortunately, they were not eager to pose :)

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The newest telemetry data show that Lucky Chap is continuing his journey towards south-east. Currently he is staying between Bydgoszcz and Inowroclaw. The wolf has been moving so far mainly between forest areas to the north from Zlotow and Pila. Later, he rapidly turned towards south to Bydgoszcz Forest crossing Bydgoszcz canal twice. When observing transmitted signals, we hoped that he would go towards Bydgoszcz Forest because of presence of wolves on those areas. Suprisingly, he turned back near Nowa Wielka Wies. Data show that the wolf wandered near forest area near labiszyn crossing Notec river. It is hard to say why he did so. The areas he crossed near Bydgoszcz were rather unfavourable by exposing the animal too much to people. In Bydgoszcz Forest itself there had been encountered at least one pack of wolves – Lucky Chap could enter a territory of one of them and this might bring a retreat. We are waiting for next data.. :) Szczesciarz_20150420

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