There are two places where you can see bison at Zachodniopomorskie county . We have the show enclosure at Miroslawiec and wild living herd near Walcz . Show enclosure in Walcz is run by Wlinski National Park. Free living herd , which we call Zachodniopomrskie herd , was created by professor Ryszard Graczyk – head of zoology department University of Agriculture in Poznan . The last counting in February 2007 showed 40 bison . Under the project to increase the variety of genes’ potential we brought 8 bison’s to acclimatizing enclosure in Miroslawiec and released them on June 2006 . The statistic of new born is of concern . Between years 2003 – 2005 only 9 bison’s were born and only 2 females among them – one probably died . So within 3 years we have only one female for reproduction . So we know that only 8 cows from whole herd attempt reproduction . The average age of population is rising and reproduction index is falling . The herd of Zachodniopomrskie is frequently being observed in forests of Betyn , Nieradz , Hanki and Toporzyk as well as on open fields of Piecnik , Prochnowo , Hanki and Marcinkowice . Single animals , mostly males , take longer trips. In 2004 one male died from being shoot 35 km from main herd. In 2006 male Podziw died as a result of being hit by a car 150 km from the herd , next one died in trap in 2007 near Wierzchowo .

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