DAR1069_11282The father and the coordinator of idea to bring the bison from BNP to western Poland was professor Ryszard Graczyk the head of Zoology Department of Agriculture University in Poznan. So in 1980 8 bison were brought to an acclimatizing enclosures at Walcz forest . At present they live in the area of approx. 150 square kilometres , mostly thick forest , however it is possible to see them feeding on open fields , and if you stay calm you can watch them even from a car – keeping distance . There are more than 30 individuals – , however car accidents and illegal shootings reduce the population . At the same time the number of new born is very low . The Reason for that is well known to scientists -within the small group of animals all are close related – only crossing the genes gives the advantage of proper reproduction . We additionally must remember that whole world population of European bison’s were developed from 7 animals only . There is no natural way the bison’s from Zachodniopomorkie can meet and change the genes with other animals – to do so help from us human is needed. The bison’s of Zachodniopomorskie will die without our help ! On January 2005 the project of : “THE PROTECTION OF POLISH BISONS : THE DEVELOP AND PROTECTION OF ZACHODNIPOMORSKIE HERD” was approved . Main goal to protect and develop the population and increase genetic variety . Main goals of the project:

  1. To enrich genetic potential by introducing animals from different herds of Poland
  2. To divide the herd into smaller groups minimizing damage to forests and agriculture
  3. Feeding animals to reduce damages of forest and crops , will also lower the migration and fatal car accidents
  4. To build the population to between 80 – 100 with greater genetic variation
  5. To educate local society – the population can grow only with acceptance of local people – farmers , hunters and national forest society .

The project was started on September 2005 , 8 bison from Bialowieza Pszczyna and Wolin were brought to the enclosure , June 2006 the 3 oldest bulls were collared and the enclosure was removed – two weeks after new bison joined the wild herd . Bison which will born from the cross breeding will strength the herd . More fresh blood is to be injected in a future.

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