DAR_0989_11587The main goal of our protection activity is to build and  keep stable the local population of bison – so it  will become a natural and constant part of environment  on this region – but at the same time to minimize the economic costs of its presence  . We would like to create  free living  population the  of around  80- 100 individuals , as according to research such a number guaranties proper functioning of population . It will be  necessary however to bring new animals as a fresh injection of genes . The population would develop and stay healthy only if exchange of animals takes place . To make such a exchange possible the population should be composed of a few herds distanced 20- 30 km each other we call it satellite   herds . Satellite system has also huge impact on reducing  mortality – adults bulls regularly leave the herds to find new females , most of such attempts sadly   end fatally  causing  a loss for whole population. mapaIn  August 2006 , one of the  just brought males ( 3yrs old called Podziw ) made a very long journey ( 150 km) towards  Goleniow Primeval Forest .Emergency steps were to be taken to stop him – a plan to bring a small group of females onto his way was accepted . Unfortunately Podziw died in car accident on 24 September near Gryfice . Small satellite herds would have been enough to keep the males in safe areas – and risk of car accidents and illegal shooting would be eliminated , or strongly minimized. DAR_0993_11583All the herds should be controlled and monitored , the information will be used to minimize any impact on the  local economy – it is  very important to secure crops so farmers DAR_1002_11574will not take the costs on themselves . To protect forest from any  damage  winter and autumn feeding must be provided. ZTP has  made all necessary steps to secure the founding to run the project and make it safe for both  the animals and economy. However  our sponsors and donors  would like  to develop the population so it could become – genetic potential  , and this  depends on attracting  further funding.

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