Herds increasing

21 November 2010

The herd in Drawsko Forest has been very cautious for the last few weeks. They have grown in number, with three calves already born to them this season, but cows continue to leave the group, which means that we can expect further births imminently. The bison are feeding on the meadow between two forests, close to Pełknica and Leniwka,. They keep to such secluded places, and do not travel large distances. This represents a significant change in the herd’s behaviour, due to the presence of the calves. The Mirosławiec Forest herd has increased in size by at least two calves. Lately, the bison have split into two groups, both of which stay mainly within the forest. The larger group consists of around 30 individuals, and has chosen the area surrounding Lipien and Toporzyk. Two additional groups, each of several bison, remain further south, in the forest between Hanki and Piecnik. Below are the most recent photographs of the bison from Mirosławiec Forest, with this years calves.

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