The first calves

21 November 2009

The bison from Dobrzany forest and Drawsko forest have merged into one herd. They occupy the territory of Drawsko forest. Ósma, the female bison who had the snare removed from her leg in March, was left in Dobrzany forest. She has almost stopped limping now, and her physical condition has improved. Amazingly, even after this traumatic experience, she gave birth to a calf – probably a bull – on 4 June. This is the first bison born in Ińsko region. We were able to photograph the calf and mother on 14 June: They are both well, but the photo is of poor quality because Ósma is a very cautious and protective mother. A calf was born on 18 June to the joint herd in Drawsko forest. This is most likely a female calf born to a four-year old, brought into the Łobez forest. The birth took place within the herd, and the calf is being looked after not only by the mother, but also by at least one “auntie”. The photographs of the small calf were taken on 21 June: The calf grows rapidly and will soon be able to easily follow the herd.

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