Bisons on the wild!

23 November 2008

For the first time in 28 years , at West Poland , new herds of wild living bison are being created . In 1980 professor Ryszard Graczyk brought 8 bison to the forest of Walcz – they formed the beginning of a herd numbering 42 at present . ZTP signed an agreement with EF regarding financing the project : “THE PROTECTION OF POLISH BISONS : THE DEVELOP AND PROTECTION OF ZACHODNIPOMORSKIE HERD” the project is also financially supported by PKO SA Bank . The time of 18 months to prepare all necessary details ( such as enclosures location ) has been spent , before the agreement was made . On signing the agreement we began work . Our first and most important task was to create two wild living herds of bison in the area of Insko Lakes.

Two enclosures 4 hectares each were built in Dobrzany forest and Lobez forest . First 12 females from Bialowieza National Park ( East of Poland) were brought on 21st of March 2008 . The 2 bulls from Kobior forest and other 2 from Niepolomice forest came on 10th April .The bison spend 3 months in enclosures – time for quarantine , acclimatizing and to built the hierarchy within the herds . The two oldest cows and adult bull from each herd were collared with telemetric transmitter – from Vetronic-Aerospace – sending information – such as : location of animal every hour , the activity of bison and its temperature measured every 5 minutes etc. and all the dates are sent with packages every 7 hours . So we can monitor each herd.

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