The Opening Conference for LIFE Project “Diversification and development of European Bison population in north-western Poland” (LIFE13NAT/PL/000010) took place on 17 July 2015 at the Bison Centre in Jabłonowo. The conference started at 9 am. The program included four lectures and visiting the Wild Farm, intersected by coffee breaks. The first speaker, Magdalena Tracz, gave a lecture entitled “Diversification and development of European Bison population in north-western Poland”. The next speech “Conservation of European Bison in north-eastern Poland” was given by prof. Wanda Olech. The third speaker, Maciej Tracz, talked about “Practical aspects of Bison conservation”. Finally, prof. Rafał Kowalczyk gave a lecture entitled “A new approach to management of European Bison populations”. After the lecture session, all the participants were invited to dinner and for a field trip involving observation of wild-living bison in the Mirosławiec forestry district. Meanwhile, the project council had the opening meeting to plan the working schedule.

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