The newest telemetry data show that Lucky Chap is continuing his journey towards south-east. Currently he is staying between Bydgoszcz and Inowroclaw. The wolf has been moving so far mainly between forest areas to the north from Zlotow and Pila. Later, he rapidly turned towards south to Bydgoszcz Forest crossing Bydgoszcz canal twice. When observing transmitted signals, we hoped that he would go towards Bydgoszcz Forest because of presence of wolves on those areas. Suprisingly, he turned back near Nowa Wielka Wies. Data show that the wolf wandered near forest area near labiszyn crossing Notec river. It is hard to say why he did so. The areas he crossed near Bydgoszcz were rather unfavourable by exposing the animal too much to people. In Bydgoszcz Forest itself there had been encountered at least one pack of wolves – Lucky Chap could enter a territory of one of them and this might bring a retreat. We are waiting for next data.. :) Szczesciarz_20150420

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