Lucky Chap is a wolf that we released from a snare. We gave to him this charming name and installed telemetry collar in order to monitor his further movements. Lucky Chap has started sending data to us since the beginning, so we now know that he quickly got back to his pack and stayed in previous home range area within Drawsko Forest Inspectorate. At the beginning of April the wolf surprised us, because he left his pack and set off for individual trip. The loner is probably looking for a new territory and alpha female that he could make a new pack with. Last data show that Lucky Chap is moving towards East. We appeal for looking out for a wolf with a collar and sending information about him to us. We also hope that the wolf would not fall victim to human actions again. From our side we promise to keep informing You about his movements and meanwhile we have made a new map depicting his journey through data from his telemetry collar available :) Wędrówka Szczęściarza szczesciarz

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