Bison spring

12 November 2015

The earth has greened again. The sun awakens flora and fauna to life with its touch. After long winter months bisons impaqtiently awaiting for first ray of the spring sun. For them this is basically a time for intense feeding up after the winter. Herds are going away from feeders and wandering around looking for fresh grasses. Last year’s calves are going through compensation of growth now. The abundance of high protein sources of food makes calves grow fast and get similar to mature individuals. Spring is also the time of losing winter undercoat. Sheding hair happens gradually. It starts near neck and spreads all over their body. Bulls in this time stays away herds intensely gaining weight by devouring vast amounts of grass. Younger bulls stay in small bachelor groups while older ones prefer to live singly. They would get back to the main herd aroud late summer when there starts mating season. April and may is the time of first deliveries, so we can start looking out for toddlers hiding between legs of their protective mothers.

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