The moving story of Bysia

17 November 2015

The mother of Bysia called “Single-horn” was already an aged cow with enormous experience when she gave birth to the title-cow.  In late autumn when Bysia was already quite big half-year cow, Single-horn started being ill. The calf stayed close to her all the time. Unfortunately, Single-horn died in January. Bewildered Bysia had been returning to the dead mother for several days until she started going away in search for other bisons. At that time a local herd was already in a place of winter feeding, which was not known by Bysia. Destiny of orphaned calves is insecure and on areas with wolf occurence a lone calf is an easy prey. She was saved by Western wind , which brought smell of a small group of bulls feeding on fields at Długie Lake. It turned out that there was her father called The First in the encountered group. Bysia luckily found company and protection. Today, her security is provided by three wonderful bulls, see it for yourself. :)

We very much thank  Cezary Korkosz for making these pictures available

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